The Idea

Urns are the body’s final resting place. As ashes, the body returns to the earth it came from, a natural end to the cycle: “earth to earth, ashes to ashes, dust to dust”. Today, more of us wish to be able to decide what will happen to our bodies when we die, in keeping with our values and deepest convictions.
My project follows this line of thinking. My goal is to give this opportunity to those who wish to fulfill their own aspirations and emphasize their individuality at the end of life and beyond. A hand-crafted urn made of organic materials is a unique object, just as each person’s path through life is unique. It is a final resting place that will naturally find its last dwelling in the earth it came from.
Each urn is original and hand-made, displaying asymmetrical and irregular contours, reflecting life itself.
Such imperfection is living testimony to the creative process lying at the core of these objects, and sets them apart from soulless, factory-made industrial urns.
The desire to get back to something more spontaneous inspired the creation of these objects, which are, by design, closer to the simplicity of nature.