Urns Models

Different urns – colors, insects, wind and hail

Each urn is a unique object because of the different varieties and hues of the wicker strands that are used and the various weaving techniques adopted. These choices contribute to the diverse styles and to the animated visual and tactile aspect of the surface. In addition, the marks left by wind, hail and rain, as well as those from the activity of animals and insects, pattern the wicker strands with small scratches and scuffs.
Keeping this natural aspect of the bark intact is at the heart of the aesthetic of the urns.
Respecting the work of nature and the elements which has created these unique materials avoids the monotony of too sleek and uniform a surface.
The notches and cuts on the strands of wicker tell a story, just as wrinkles and scars tell the story of a person’s life.
By deliberately using different strand diameters and varieties of wicker, my urns display an asymmetrical shape. Unlike mass-produced objects, they take on very peculiar and personal features somehow akin to what is aimed at in traditional Japanese pottery techniques.







Human destiny and natural energy thus seem to collide, according to random events and this is made visible in the way the urns are made. For this reason, it is crucial to adequately choose the urn that will suit one’s personality and tastes best.
Such a choice can be made by the relatives of the deceased, but also by those who wish to decide long in advance what should happen when they die.
In this respect, you can contact me to order an urn that will correspond best to your wishes.